Should You Paint or Renovate Your Toronto Home?

Most of the people like to improve the look of their kitchen, but the expense of a full kitchen renovation can be quite costly. If you already have your kitchen cabinets Toronto in a good shape, then why don’t you paint them? In this article, you will come across different paints which can be utilized for your kitchen cabinets and the merits and demerits of each. Ultimately, you will go through the method that will give your kitchen a long-lasting beauty.

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Hybrid Emulsion Paint

These paints contain oil paint suspended in a water-based solvent. They work better as you get water cleanup along with oil properties when the paint dries up. These paints dry up fast and provide with hardness that equals oil paints. Pro-classic, the hybrid product of Sherwin Williams, Benjamin Moore has a hybrid product named Advance and a new product especially for cabinets known as Cabinet Coat. These products prove great when kitchen cabinets Toronto have to be painted on-site in a lived-in house.

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Can This Toronto Painting Project Be Finished in One Day?

Thorough preparation should be done to make sure that these products stick properly and offer some durability. Sanding the cabinets and using a high bond primer like Sherwin Williams’ Extreme Bond Primer or Sixth Primer of Benjamin Moore could be better. There will be some minor brush and roller marks unless a sprayer is used. However, the durability of hybrid paints is fine, kitchens make way for a lot of abuse, doors and drawers are always opening and closing and painted surfaces are rubbed when coming in contact with other surfaces. The entire result is that the kitchen begins to show wear marks as the hybrid paint is not just as resistant as a factory-applied finishing.

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Oil Paint on Cabinets

The benefit of oil paint is that it is more long-lasting than its hybrid counterpart. Although, some of the below-given disadvantages of oil paint make it less alluring than the hybrids:

  • Oil paint has a higher proportion of VOCs; hence its smell usually disturbs people to the point of becoming uncomfortable to survive in the house when the work is going on.
  • Moreover, it comprises of long dry time, usually up to 8 hours between coats.

Lacquer Based Paint

These paints are mostly used to coat cabinets at the factory. They dry fast and are extremely durable and reliable for kitchen cabinets Toronto. Even though, these paints should be sprayed and are very smelly. They are not good for on-site refinishing.

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How do Professional Experts in Toronto Convert Kitchen Cabinets?

People always prefer the best of both worlds. To offer the most durable finish, the experts take the doors and drawer fronts off-site for spraying with lacquer, hence the cabinet parts which mostly wear get the most durable finish. Then, they match up the color in a hybrid paint and prep, prime and coat the exterior of the boxes. As the drawer fronts and doors are done, they bring them back for reinstallation. So, if you wish to have a beautiful and long-lasting finish for your kitchen cabinets Toronto, hire the specialist designers and contractors in Toronto.