What I’ve Found About The Mattress In A Box Pattern

I have an admission to make. A gross one. We realized we required another sleeping cushion. The one in the visitor room is over ten years of age and all that we’ve perused and been told says that you ought to supplant sleeping pads consistently. Along these lines, substitution was at the forefront of my thoughts.

Yet, at that point… at that point, something loathsome happened that is accelerating the procedure. Presently we REALLY need another sleeping pad – Endy vs Douglas. What’s more, I figured I’d take you along the way and start by sharing what I’ve found about the Mattress in a Box pattern.

Before we get to this post, however – you should have a gander at a couple other ‘bed’ posts I’ve done as well!

The most effective method to make the coziest bed ever

At some point, we unintentionally bolted our maturing kitty Zuzu in the visitor room. For like eight hours.

Gracious my heart. It was a finished mishap. I had been doing the clothing and housekeeping and I tidied and wiped in there and shut the entryway, incidentally, to shield the felines from destroying it again and she probably been stowing away under the bed or in the wardrobe and the poor young lady got secured.

It’s not the first run through in my pet-owning life that I’ve opposed and done that – yet Zuzu is 14, with a serious thyroid condition and she’s a touch of an on-edge feline in any case. She presumably felt rebuffed or something awful. Anyway – through the span of anyway long she was secured there – she continued to pee, crap, pee, crap and I think upchuck ALL over the bed. I had the option to significantly increase wash the cloths and douse them and they are thoroughly fine – however, the pee splashed to the sleeping cushion.

endy vs douglas

I opened the windows, sprinkled just about a whole box of heating soft drinks on the wet spots and vacuumed it like a crazy person. It doesn’t smell and I got its majority out – yet in my brain, I presently consider it the ‘pee-crap bed’ and that is simply not exceptionally welcoming.

So we are purchasing a sleeping pad endy vs Douglas – detail. We’ll move our main room sleeping cushion into the visitor room and put the new bedding on our bed. (What’s more, hurl the pee crap one).

In the entirety of our examination to supplant the sleeping pad, we’ve been taking a gander at the Mattress in a Box pattern. While we haven’t completely made up our brains yet – this is what we’ve found about the different brands and what we’re thinking about for our buy.


My sibling and sister in law as of late acquired an Endy sleeping pad and they depend on it. Truth be told, my SIL says she anticipates moving into her bed subsequent to being endlessly in the midst of a get-away. That was sufficient to get me captivated.

  • 100% Made in Canada
  • Three layers of excellent ‘adaptable foam’
  • Accompanies its very own sheet material
  • Free delivering in Canada
  • 100 night free preliminary and returns
  • multi-year guarantee

endy vs douglas


I was fascinated by the Made in Canada highlight and chose to locate another aggressive organization that is likewise made here. Enter Douglas. It’s possessed by Novosbed, the fiercely effective organization behind Logan and Cove sleeping pads – endy vs Douglas.

  • 100% Made in Canada
  • Eco-accommodating made with sustainable eucalyptus filaments
  • Free delivering in Canada
  • Three layers of froth and one of ‘cooling’ gel froth
  • 120 night free preliminary and returns
  • multi-year full substitution guarantee
  • Sovereign beginnings at 749 CAD